Mom wants cops to stop terrorizing her family

A Pine Hills mother wants cops to stop terrorizing her family.

Tanjila Lippett said local police have been stalking her family since her 19-year-old son Karvas Gamble Jr. was wrongfully shot and killed by Orlando police 6 years ago.

This past Tuesday (3/5) morning a squad of Orange County deputies rolled up to her house and ordered everyone to come out. They handcuffed the occupants; searched the house without a warrant; told everyone to write official statements, and then left without making arrests or apologizing.

In a response to questions from 32805OrlNews, an Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman issued this written response:
“Someone in that home reached out to OCSO regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, and deputies responded to that address. For the safety of everyone involved – those in the home and the deputies – they were briefly detained while a protective sweep of the home was conducted. The statements they gave were voluntary. Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, we can’t be more specific or offer any further details.”

That’s not the way it went down, said Ms. Lippett and her son Kareem Gamble who was one of the occupants of the house who was handcuffed by deputies. (Click here to see a video interview with the mother and son describing the raid.)

Gamble said on Tuesday morning he was inside the house when he heard a commotion outside. When he opened the door to investigate, he saw deputies outside talking to 2 young men in front of the family home. He said one of those men had apparently called police about an incident that occurred nearby. Gamble said no one in the house called police or knows about any criminal incident that happened in the area.

When the deputies saw Gamble at the door they ordered him to come to the curb to talk to them. At first, Gamble declined, but then he decided to comply because he didn’t want the deputies to hurt him.

After he complied, the deputies got on a public address system and ordered everyone out of the house. The handcuffed occupants and then searched the house without a warrant.

During the encounter, Gamble said he kept asking why they were being mistreated.

Ms. Lippett, who was in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident, said other neighbors on the street looked outside and weren’t ordered out of their homes.

She said the incident on Tuesday is the latest example of the harassment her family has endured since her son Karvas Gamble Jr. was shot and killed by Orlando police in 2013.

The young man was shot and killed while sweeping up inside a recording studio in Parramore. A grand jury that examined the case criticized the officers at the scene for a lack of leadership and poor planning.

Ever since then Ms. Lippett and her son said police have been stalking the family, repeatedly stopping them to check for identification and driving past the family home, which is on a small side street near Hastings Drive. During a half-hour interview with 32805ORLNews on Thursday (3/7), two sheriff’s vehicles drove past the family home.

Both Ms. Lippett and her son have state licenses they would not have been able to obtain if they had criminal records.

Ms. Lippett said she wants to meet with Sheriff John Mina to discuss the family’s treatment before an encounter with cops results in another tragedy.


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