2 local political races to watch on Tuesday

There are 2 local political races to watch on this coming (3/12) Tuesday.

In Ocoee, Larry Brinson is running in hopes of becoming the second black person elected to the City Commission.

Brinson, a former U.S. Marine, who is now a civilian manager at the Orlando police department is running on issues focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life in that West Orange County city.

He is particularly concerned about heavy traffic and managing growth.
To see his campaign video, click here.

In Winter Park, Barbara Chandler is running to become the first black person elected to the City Commission in 126 years. A long-time community activist, she is running to ensure that the city commission considers the concerns of more average citizens when making decisions.

To see a video about her candidacy, click here.

Both elections will be held this coming Tuesday, March 12.


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