Val Demings is not on the Obama endorsement list

Hometown Congresswoman Val Demings was not included in the list of politicians endorsed by former President Barrack Obama.

On Wednesday Obama’s office released a list of 81 politicians that the former president is endorsing in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Whether Demings will be included in a future batch of endorsements is unclear. There were no Florida politicians on the list.

Recently Demings has fallen into disfavor with some black people and progressive for her decision to co-sponsor the Blue Lives Matters bill that calls for federal prison time against some people who have encounters with police.

Demings, a Democrat, teamed up with arch-conservative Republican Congressman John Rutherford of Jacksonville, to sponsor this bill. She was the only Democrat to sponsor the bill that has been widely criticized by civil liberties groups as excessive and unnecessary.

The Blue Lives Matter bill is seen as an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement that has been fighting police brutality and other excesses by police against people of color and the poor.

Demings is a former Orlando police chief. Her co-sponsor Congressman Rutherford is a former Duval County (Jacksonville), sheriff.

Demings is being challenged in the Aug. 28 primary by Wade Darius, an Orlando businessman.


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