If you live in the projects, you could end up homeless

Ben Carson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), wants to end public housing in Orlando, and across the country.
If you live in public housing in Orlando, you should be very worried about your future.

In a meeting earlier this month, Vivian Bryant, CEO of the Orlando Housing Authority, said the agency plans to demolish Griffin Park, Murchison Terrace, Reeves Terrace, Lake Mann Homes, Ivey Lane Homes, Lorna Doone projects because they are in poor condition and too expensive to repair.
Ms. Bryant said the agency hopes to rebuild the rundown housing authority communities. In the past, housing authorities, have applied to HUD for grants and other assistance for construction and repairs.
However, HUD Secretary Carson said the federal government can’t afford public housing anymore. During a Congressional hearing earlier this year, Carson said public housing should be privatized under the Rental Assistance Demonstration project.
The RAD program, which started u…

How much affordable housing is really being created in Parramore?

Orlando City Hall boasts that 350 units of affordable housing are being built in the Parramore community. Sounds great! But what does “affordable” mean?

Under Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines housing is considered affordable if it costs 30 percent of less of the household income. The City of Orlando defines affordable housing as rents or house payments, affordable to families making 80% of median income or less In the Orlando market, the median annual income is $45,436, which means affordable rent is $1,135.90 a month.Average rent in Orlando is $1,300, which is considered market rate. As most people know, the Orlando area is facing an affordable housing crisis. In Parramore -- where the median income is much lower than the Orlando median -- the affordable housing crisis is even worse. As of 2014, the average median income in Parramore was $13,613. Under HUD’s definition of affordable, any rent higher than $340.32 is too expensive. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer insist…

2 local political races to watch on Tuesday

There are 2 local political races to watch on this coming (3/12) Tuesday.
In Ocoee, Larry Brinson is running in hopes of becoming the second black person elected to the City Commission.

Brinson, a former U.S. Marine, who is now a civilian manager at the Orlando police department is running on issues focused on maintaining and improving the quality of life in that West Orange County city.
He is particularly concerned about heavy traffic and managing growth. To see his campaign video, click here.
In Winter Park, Barbara Chandler is running to become the first black person elected to the City Commission in 126 years. A long-time community activist, she is running to ensure that the city commission considers the concerns of more average citizens when making decisions.
To see a video about her candidacy, click here.

Both elections will be held this coming Tuesday, March 12.

Mom wants cops to stop terrorizing her family

A Pine Hills mother wants cops to stop terrorizing her family.
Tanjila Lippett said local police have been stalking her family since her 19-year-old son Karvas Gamble Jr. was wrongfully shot and killed by Orlando police 6 years ago.

This past Tuesday (3/5) morning a squad of Orange County deputies rolled up to her house and ordered everyone to come out. They handcuffed the occupants; searched the house without a warrant; told everyone to write official statements, and then left without making arrests or apologizing.
In a response to questions from 32805OrlNews, an Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman issued this written response: “Someone in that home reached out to OCSO regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, and deputies responded to that address. For the safety of everyone involved – those in the home and the deputies – they were briefly detained while a protective sweep of the home was conducted. The statements they gave were voluntary. Due to the nature of the ongoing invest…

Orlando's black gun store owner is heading to prison

The only black man in Orlando who owned a gun store is headed to federal prison – for a long time.
Junior Joseph, who formerly owned Global Dynasty Corps on Edgewater Drive in Lockhart, earlier this month was convicted of smuggling guns into Haiti.
Joseph, who achieved the rank of sergeant in the U.S. Marines and served combat tours overseas, is facing up to 20 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine.
This turn of events is stunning to those who remember Joseph as a by-book-businessman. He taught marksmanship; firearms safety, and trained hundreds of locals to receive concealed-weapons permits and state security guard licenses.
Federal prosecutors said Junior Joseph and his brother Jimy Joseph conspired to smuggle more than 150 military-grade rifles, shotguns, pistols, plus thousands of rounds of ammunition and other gear -- including body armor -- into Haiti.
The feds said the weapons stash was discovered three years ago hidden in a box truck that shipped to Haiti aboard a freighter that sa…

Want to become a local news reporter?

Do you like being in the middle of the action?
32805OrlNews is seeking correspondents to cover news stories (written articles and videos) in communities west of downtown Orlando.
We’re willing to pay correspondents for stories we publish.
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Soul food for the New Year

This is the time of the year for a traditional Charleston, S.C. rice treat – Hoppin’ John. Click here to see Charleston-native Glennie M. Porter and Orlando resident prepare this soul-food dish.
Here’s a list of the ingredients you’ll need: ·1 ½ cups of dried cow peas (not black-eye peas) ·2 ham hocks ·6 cups of room-temperature water ·3 cups of white parboiled long-grain rice ·6 bay leaves ·1 teaspoon of chopped onion ·1 teaspoon of sage ·½ teaspoon of garlic ·1 pinch of baking soda ·½ teaspoon of butter ·Salt and pepper to taste