Deputies killed an unarmed man in Parramore, officials confirmed

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) confirmed that the black man shot to death in Parramore last month by Orange County deputies was unarmed.
That information, revealed Wednesday (5/23) by the FDLE, corroborates statements made by numerous bystanders who witnessed the killing of James Bauduy on April 20.  The sheriff’s office said Mr. Bauduy was being sought as a suspect in a homicide.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said plainclothes deputies gunned down Mr. Bauduy because he made a “furtive” hand movement. Mr. Bauduy was walking on South Street at Lime Avenue when deputies jumped out of unmarked cars and confronted him.
Immediately after opening fire, bystanders said the deputies swarmed over Mr. Bauduy’s body. Click here to see what one witness told
Because this incident involved a fatal shooting by deputies this incident was turned over to the FDLE for investigation.  For the last month, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has refused to say whethe…

Black Lives Matter gets a beat down from Val Demings & Congress

Hometown Congresswoman Val Demings was the lone Democrat sponsor of the law-and-order Blue Lives Matter Bill.
This bill, also known as the Protect and Serve Act, is widely considered a response to the Black Lives Matter movement.  The Blue Lives Matter Bill calls for federal prison sentences of up to 10 years for someone who “knowingly assaults a law enforcement officer causing serious bodily injury.” Someone who attempts to kidnap or kill an officer could get life in federal prison.
Civil liberties groups, such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, say the Blue Lives Matter Bill is excessive and unnecessary since every state already has strong laws on the books to protect police officers.
In their rebuttal to this bill, People for the American Way, wrote it part: “This bill is being contemplated at a time when our country is in the throes of a national policing crisis, with a never-ending stream of police shootings of unarmed African Americans captured on video. Creating a new, yet superfluo…

Now the public will know the rules cops are supposed to follow

Orlando police leaders say they’re preparing to take the bold step of posting on their website the rules and regulations that officers are required to follow.
Posting this information online will give the public unprecedented transparency into how OPD officers are supposed to behave and how the department operates.
Making this information easily available to the public puts officers on notice to always act within departmental rules.
This decision by OPD is particularly timely in the wake of the recent fatal shooting of a man by an OPD officer during an incident at Colonial Plaza. After that shooting, many people asked questions about the guidelines for using deadly force and opening fire close to the public.
David Porter, the publisher of, proposed publishing OPD’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) several months ago during a Police Review Board meeting at City Hall. After that meeting, he discussed the proposal with OPD Chief John Mina. Mina said the department was…

Powerful show at the Orlando Fringe Festival

The thought of a white woman presenting a spoken-word performance on African-American history at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival has all the ingredients of white privilege run amok, ending in a cultural train wreck.
Turns out writer and performer Amy Selikoff is right on point. She is more #woke than some black people, such as HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Diamond and Silk, Trump’s minstrel show performers.

The core message of “Somebody’s History: A White Woman’s Journey to Understand Race in America” is America is a fundamentally racist country. Black people have been playing against a stacked deck of systematic, legal racism since the first Africans arrived here in chains nearly 400 years ago.
In a press release for the press preview performance I attended on Saturday (May 12) Ms. Selikoff, a local school teacher, is described as “totally white.” She grew up in St. Paul, Minn.
“After the murder of Philando Castile a half-mile from my childhood home ‘Somebody’s History: …

Parent Academy prepares local kids for success

More than 1,100 people attended this year’s Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) Parent Academy held at OCPS Academic Center for Excellence, last Saturday, May 5.

 This year’s program, “Catch the Wave of Summer Success,” was so well received that an additional 4 over-flow sessions were added to accommodate the attendees. 

Some of this year’s most popular sessions for adults included: “Rock the Library System,” “End the Summer Slump with STEM”, and “Keeping Kids Mentally and Emotionally Healthy.”

Class sessions for adults ranged from LifeWorks’ “Finding a Career - Not Another Job” program that provides information and training aimed at people who are underemployed to “Keeping Kids Mentally and Emotionally Healthy” and making the most of summer through the “Rock the Library System” which also includes live performances, science, animals, arts, storytelling, technology camps, and much more.

The OCPS Parent Academy is an educational resource for all families and schools. It was established to …

Sheriff still won't discuss deputies killing man in Parramore 2 weeks ago

Orange County Sheriff’s Office officials still aren’t willing to provide details about deputies shooting and killing a black man in Parramore exactly two weeks ago (April 20).

A crowd of people – including children – were looking on when deputies dressed in plain clothes jumped out of unmarked cars and opened fire killing James Bauduy, 48.
Witnesses said Bauduy, did not offer any resistance and was unarmed. As of 3 p.m. today (May 4) the Sheriff’s Office refuses to say Bauduy was unarmed. The Sheriff’s Office said deputies confronted because he was a suspect in a murder.

“This is an active and on-going investigation with an independent investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. No findings have been released at this time,” according to a written statement released today by the Sheriff’s Office.

For more news, click here.

Dead teen's mom says Sheriff's Office 'doesn't care' (Last of 4 stories)

Every marked police car at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is emblazoned with the motto: “Making a difference.”
That motto is meaningless to Cadillya Anthony, whose unarmed 18-year-old son Clarence “CJ” Lake 3rd died during an encounter with a posse of Orange County deputies.

“They made my life a living hell,” said Ms. Anthony. “They haven’t made a difference. They took away someone who was precious to our hearts. They didn’t do justice, period.”
The circumstances leading to her son’s death were both unusual and horrifying.
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office incident report shows that after responding to a car burglary call in a West Orange County apartment complex, a posse of 10 deputies, three police dogs, and a police helicopter chased the high school student -- who was on foot -- until he ended up under water in Lake Sherwood where his body was found 36 hours later.
CJ was an honors student who had no criminal record and had never been in trouble. Ms. Anthony does not believe her so…